Beijing's Foreign Internet Purge

Submitted by Jason on Sun, 2010-01-17 07:40

Just received an email from a friend in China not able to view this article. For the rest of the 'free' world you may find it an interesting read.

I also received an email from melbourne IT last week saying that China has stopped allowing foreign entities from registering Chinese domain names.

China has a socialist government, so we can't expect them to operate under the same rules as those we follow in democratic countries. They are protecting their own interests. You can't blame them for that. However, what they do in the open I would suppose most big companies in the west would be doing behind closed doors in any case. Not saying that google would do anything like that though....

I guess the big loser with this whole business in China is the free flow of information... I'm not sure we're any better of in west though since most of what we see in the news is regurgitated political propaganda.

Why can't we all just play nice ???

china and google

Submitted by Mark Fuqua (not verified) on Sun, 2010-01-17 10:44.

I wonder if Google offered to block porn, but no other information if that would at least clear up the the Chinese people to see their governments true intentions. Personally, I wish the government would block porn here.

Hi Mark

Submitted by Jason on Sun, 2010-01-17 15:00.

I think the porn problem would be better handled at the ISP level. It would be a BIG selling point for ISP's in my opinion. I recently set up Dans Guardian at home to filter things for my two boys. They're getting to the age where I think they'll be getting curious and I don't want them stumbling on some of the sick stuff out there in the cyber world.

BTW .. where's here ?

I think you may be mistaken,

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 2010-01-17 15:10.

I think you may be mistaken, I believe that the Chinese have a communist government. In the US we have a socialist one.

Hi Anon

Submitted by Jason on Sun, 2010-01-17 15:29.

I may just be ... after a little bit of googling I can see that there are differences. It's a fine line though... You could say that socialism is a subset of communism .. I'm not an expert on politics, but I could draw you a Venn diagram :)

I guess you're being sarcastic about the US being socialist. Since you don't have any public medical care or social services to the degree the rest of the world enjoys. From what I've heard from friends in China, the government there does do allot of good in looking after the public. However, it comes at a price of some personal freedoms.

To be honest I'm not sure that any of us have it right, but I think we strike a pretty good balance here in Australia.

"China has a socialist

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2010-01-19 00:16.

"China has a socialist government"

ummm noo, it has a communist goverment, socialism and democracy can go together.
democracy is simply a method of electing a government, many socialist proponents promote democracy and see socialism as a pure form of democracy.

the US is the only country in the world afraid of socialism like its the plague yet it has the largest socialist military in the world, its almost a $trillion of government money funding this socialist war machine.

only thing non socialist in the US is the healthcare system.
in europe its the best part.
In the US its scare campaigns on health lol, I've been there and lived under both systems.

I stand corrected

Submitted by Jason on Tue, 2010-01-19 14:52.

I understand that Australia has a pseudo socialist government in that we pay high taxes which fund allot of public services. I was under the impression that a totally socialist government was much the same thing as communist. I stand corrected, but still don't understand the difference fully.